Friday, April 15, 2005

The Cheese of Gruyere

This is one tour that I have heard nothing but rants about.

Gruyere is actually a perfectly preserved old castle-village, all of one street long, and within reach from Lake Geneva. Gruyere is known as one of Switzerland's most photogenic sights, while attracting many visitors in the peak touring season.

Gruyere is known for its cheeses. Le Gruyère AOC is a cheese with a long tradition and its making has been handed down over many generations of cheesemakers both in the alpine and village cheese dairies. Tasting such a great cheese is within your reach at the end of the tour.

Along with the cheese of Gruyere, you should not miss out the famous chocolate train to Nestle chocolate factory near Bulle. The village Broc will lead you to the tiny resort of Charmey . You'll soon detect the luscious scents from the Nestle chocolate factory.

Nestle's most famous brand is Cailler. Be sure to take this tour as you will be able to taste the bite sized chunks to your hearts content.

Both of these tours can be done together. There are trains which leave either from Lausanne or the areas of Vevey and Montreux. Then a bus or train can be taken from the area of Palezieux to the top. Parking is also available...

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