Monday, April 11, 2005

Logitech mouse Started in Switzerland

Did you know that popular mouse you probably use for your computer first started up in Switzerland. I'm sure you are familiar with the brand Logitech. I mean who doesn't?? I know personally the first time I bought their product, I was so impressed and it was high in quality...

Who knew a popular product of the silicon valley was first started in Switzerland!

Daniel Borel was actually the co-founder of computer mouse maker Logitech.
He is known as one of Switzerland's best-known businessmen – and a role model for entrepreneurs.

Here are a few interesting questions from a recent article by Swiss info:

swissinfo: Would you start your company here in Switzerland?
D.B.: I don’t think the issue of location is so important per se. For instance, even for Logitech today, we often still find the best engineers in Switzerland. The [best Americans] might go directly to Microsoft or Intel or wherever. So where you want to be is largely based on what size and type of business you are, and whom you can attract.

On the financial side, Switzerland is also pretty good. It is obviously not Silicon Valley in terms of venture capital, but there is plenty of money. So Switzerland can be a good place to start – then you grow and conquer the world.

swissinfo: What in particular do you think the Swiss do well?
D.B.: They tend to be good at developing products at the intersection of different technologies. By education, we are trained to look at many different fields. If I take the example of engineers, when you graduate you know software, hardware, mechanics, optics – very broad knowledge. [US engineers] might be better in more specific fields, for instance semi-conductors or software.


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