Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Biel - More than just a city

Biel/Bienne is the biggest bilingual town in Switzerland and host to two cultures. The name itself is known as Biel in German and Bienne in French, but I think most refer to it as Biel.

Biel is known for it's three main languages spoken widely throughout the town. English, Swiss German and French are the languages which harmonize with each other to create an open, tolerant and lively atmosphere.

Many travel to Biel/Bienne to spend a holiday and enjoy the lakes and rivers, the Jura Forests and the lively vineyards all around. Biel/Bienne includes a vast amount of recreational area that includes many kilometres of bicycle paths, walking and camping.

Biel/Bienne has a lively and varied range of cultural (was the site of the 2002 Expo) and sports events, ranging from nightlife to trade fairs with specific themes. If you haven't been to Biel/Bienne it is certainly worth your time to check out the area and visit some of its surrounding villages. Possibly a boat ride would suit your interests along with a nice hike..

All of the above can be found in and around Biel/Bienne.

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