Friday, May 13, 2005

Make Your Trip to Switzerland Go Like Clockwork

From dramatic Alpine train journeys to the buzzing scene in Zürich, from breathless adrenaline sports to irresistible chocolate - Switzerland offers a varied range of temptations.

When traveling to Switzerland, make sure you have all you need to discover the beauty.

  • museums, mountains, music - the lowdown on the essential sights.
  • from hiking to skiing, making the most of the stunning outdoors.
  • detailed coverage of the best cafés, bars and restaurants.
  • recommended sleeping options from lakeside camping to chic city hotels.
  • user-friendly language guide.
  • 67 detailed maps
What I think is best about having a book with you, is that if you get one hint, one extra map that you might not have already had, it is useful in itself for the trip...

Of course you can always ask me about some of what they have to offer in this book of Switzerland.

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