Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Microbrews Making a Hit in Switzerland

With a tougher alcolhol limit now in effect since January 1, beer sales in Switzerland have been plumitting. But that is not stopping the steady growth of microbreweries. There are almost 100 microwbreweries taking off and competing with the larger Lager Beers in Switzerland.

Some of these micro beer products range from wheat beers and stouts to dark lagers and seasonal ales, all bursting with flavour and some packing a hefty alcoholic punch.

It's funny how trends seem to pop up. In fact, microbrews 10 years ago would not even been successful in Switzerland. Possibly the trend from North America has had some effect on this. But it is mostly due to the fact that you cannot find anything else like this on the market....

One place you can visit a Brewery is in Solothurn with, Microbrewer Alex K├╝nzle in his Oeufi Bier (oeufi-bier.ch).

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