Thursday, June 09, 2005

Teaching English Abroad

While I was living Abroad, I chose to go get my Teach English abroad course certification. It was a great time to do it since finding a job in Europe for a non EU citizen is quite the challenge if you do not have a field of need.

I was browsing online one day in early 2002 and decided Teaching English Abroad was exactly what I wanted to take a stab at. There were two locations, either Spain or Prague.

The curiousity and lower cost of Prague got the best of me. And soon I found myself off on a month long journey to a country I had yet to visit. And WOW, was it all worth it.

My experiences, some being completely too funny to imagine, changed the way I looked at countries in Europe. Not being able to speak the language and not knowing what was in store for me were my most concerns. However, I was ready to take a journey of a lifetime.

When I arrived, I was greeted by all of the people trying to convince you of where to stay and where not to go. Well that at least was from every tip book I've ever read. It's not like I needed any of their services anyhow since I was being picked up by a school.

Although I learned a lot about myself and a lot of about communicating with others through different forms of communication other than languages, I believe my TEFL experience will always stick with me...

I really don't talk about it all that much, and I'm not sure why. Prague is definitely a great place to visit with all of it's historic buildings, great cheap beer and wonderful cuisine at a very affordable price...

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