Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Thunersee - Home of Swiss Bunkers

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When you overlook the beautiful Lake of Thun, you probably would never guess this was home to some of the most popular defense areas for the Swiss Army. After the 1990's and the cold war, the Swiss Army has made many cuts to their program, just like most other countries.

The result was much of the bunkers and hidden chalets being handed over to civic foundations. These civic foundations have found a way to capitalize on what may seem naked to the avearage eye.

Here around the Lake of Thun, you can discover the Swiss Army's past. Walk through museums with more than 100,000 different pieces of the Swiss Army's past. Some of the 2 hour tour includes viewing farmhouses which were in fact concrete artillery bunkers, hidden by wooden fa├žades and connected by a series of underground tunnels.

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