Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bike and Train Switzerland

Did you know you can Bike and Train throughout Switzerland. I've done this many different times. The cost for bringing your bike on the train is 10chf per day. Not too bad if you are taking a long trek and only want to go one way.

Personally I've done a trip from Lenzburg to Wil via Bike and Train . We were able to pass my favorite Greek Restaurant in Germany (there's a few km stretch where you ride into Germany). I was so excited to get back there that night - what a surprise! In all the trip was 55kms and a life time of memories. That night we trained back to Lenzburg and boy was I glad it was over, tired but so happy to have accomplished the awesome ride.

You can pick up the Bicycle timetable (SBB Brochure "Bike and Rail ") with the free bicycle train timetable has been specially prepared for "Cycling in Switzerland”. The book contains detailed information on the 56 recommended train, postbus and boat connections.

I'd highly recommend biking in Switzerland because it is so serene and a great way to see Switzerland.

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