Sunday, July 24, 2005

Le Diable of Cycling

If you are involved as a cycling spectator or athlete, you know Didi Senft of Germany. He's that insane guy dressed in his devil costume, who always seems to get caught on tv and for a good reason is known as the "Devil of the Tour de France". Didi has always been a cycling enthusiast. He's been sporting his devil costume since 1992 and hasn't missed a Tour de France since...

He's been spotted cheering on Lance Armstrong, the now 7 time winner of the tour of france among many other riders as well. Le diable (devil in french) as he is known, has also built the world's largest bicycle.

What made me think about him was the fact that I actually saw him in person cheering on a triathalon going on in town of Vevey in Switzerland. My biking friend pointed him out to me as we walked past him and said hello...

Since Didi is from Germany, I'm sure there still is a great chance you can catch him on a bike tour while you are in Switzerland.

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