Friday, July 22, 2005

Made in Switzerland

Many of the riders of the Tour de France are probably unaware where their jersey's are coming from. In fact, the clothing worn by the yellow jersey that Lance Armstrong has worn more than 80 times, comes from a company called Eschler whose head off is located in the Canton of Appenzell and town of Buhler in Switzerland.

The Clothing physiology is the interaction between 3 different layers of clothing and the body’s own climate such as skin temperature and rate of perspiration known more of what we know as wicker and moisture proctection. The clothing is based on the EEC-System™, which stands for ESCHLER ERGONOMIC CLOTHING SYSTEM. Christian Eschler's 3-layer clothing system offers a unique combination of functions.

As the tour comes to an end, Eschler's company will loose the jersey spotlight as it has during this 2005 July month in the Tour of France.

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