Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Flooding in Switzerland

It's been less than a week since our return from Switzerland and we are already hearing about severe flooding in regions where we travelled. I guess we were lucky enough not to have to deal with these floods. As we also heard about the freak hail storm that supposedly injured many vines in the Vevey region, but we were not able to see this from the roads we travelled.

Flooding occurred near Lucern as the Emme River washed away part of the road in the area according to Swiss info. In particular, the areas of Thun and Brienz also are experiencing high flood waters near the lakes. We in particular had ridden our bikes in the area just one week ago in fact.

One other area of note that I've travelled to many times in to the Muota River which empties into Lake Lucern with the small village of Ibach in trouble. Most of these areas are very close to the waters edge so it's only a given why these people would have to evacuate.

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