Thursday, August 04, 2005

Flying Through the Countryside

Now with the help of the bike "The flyer", which is an electronic bike, you can easily tredge through the Swiss countryside. Tours have been created so that people who want an easy ride can tour through the Emmental Region located in the caton of Bern.

The route includes a map, lists stations where the bikes can be hired, and restaurants where the batteries can be recharged or exchanged. I'd say this is quite a cool activity for the family.

In fact, there are a few destinations to visit.

1. Why not go see the Einstein Exhibit in Bern. This is definitely a must see especially since Einstein is only on exhibit for a year.

2. Check out the new hall of art work by Paul Klee. This Bern Exhbit boasts unique architecture and is touted as a must see if you are in Bern.

3. Check out the town of Saint Ursanne where Medival Festival took place, located in the Swiss Jura.

4. Don't miss out on the Incredible views of the Montreux Oberland Train which takes you from the Montreux mainstation potentially to Interlaken in a 2.5 hour journey. Make sure you jump on the Golden Pass line which will give you stunning views you will never forget.

By the way - Biking in Switzerland is very easy, especially since there are official bike paths throughout all of Switzerland. Enjoy the countryside without having to worry about the traffic

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