Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Perfect Timing

It seems our entire trip in Switzerland was based on perfect timing. I can recall time after time in our trip where we looked back and said, wow that was just perfect timing! We were in the line for our boat trip to Yvoire and just as we were lining up, the line seemed to double within minutes. OR just as we had gotten seated in the restaurant, we look and some 20 or more people just pilled in right behind us.

Timing was everything judging by the flood reports in Interlaken. We did have to wait out a bit of the rain but we certainly didn't experience anything close to a flood. As reported in Swiss Info, even the town of Lauterbrunnen is not accessible currently. This was the area that we visited when going to Trummelbach falls.

Or part of the lakefront and the area in between Lake Thun and Interlaken being more suitable for boats than trains. We were definitely lucky to have been able to ride our bikes and visit Switzerland when we did. We certainly hope the floods cease and all goes back to normal soon.

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