Saturday, August 27, 2005

Walking Switzerland - Travel Bargains

Walking Switzerland -The Swiss Way- : From Vacation Apartments, Hotels, Mountain Inns, and Huts Walking Switzerland is the most informative resource for "off-the-beaten track" travel in Switzerland. Perhaps the greatest feature of the book is the detail in which every walk is described almost from "boulder to boulder" so even the amateur hiker can feel confident in the alps.
Walking Switzerland -The Swiss Way is an invaluable source of quality information. Hikes in the Val d'Herens, in the Saas Valley, and around Zermatt are all found in this book. Walking Switzerland does not contain wasted prose on "touristy" information and concentrates more on the details of each hike.

The book opens up a whole new world for travellers not familiar with "vacation apartments". These rental properties are the REAL "bargains" that can be found in a stereotypically expensive country for travellers.

It is obvious the Liebermans have written the book with passion and have uncovered several hidden gems such as the villages of "Ardez" and "Les Haudéres" that most travel guides overlook. If you didn't have this book you'd miss fabulous remote villages and hikes that are well within reach of the average hiker.

I recommend Walking Switzerland to anyone who wishes to hike in the Swiss Alps, and who needs some ideas of exactly where to go and what to expect. Information is not limited to the Valasian Alps. Hikes in the Jura, Engadine, Ticino, as well as in the Eiger, Moench, Jungfrau region are described as well.

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