Friday, October 21, 2005

Taking Cautious Measures With Avian Flu

With the threat of the avian flu hitting Europe, Europeans are mapping out measures to curb the spread of the disease. So far outbreaks have been seen from birds who were migrating, according to the report by Washington Post.

New steps are being taken as precautionary measures such as making sure birds are now kept indoors, just in case these migratory birds are carrying the avian flu disease. Many will have to move their birds into barns or other indoor facilities. I'm sure this will not be such as hard thing to do considering the winter weather is coming and the birds get put inside during this time already. Other birds are being put in pens.

Of course that ever popular Swiss drug Tamiflu is being stock piled. And the report from Swiss Info suggests Switzerland has already taken drastic measures to make sure the avian flu does not get into the country with a ban on poultry imports from countries that were already affected, including Turkey and Romania.

I think the main outcome is that Swiss Authorities want people to know they are prepared for the bird flu to hit and are bracing themselves just in case the bird flu would turn into highly contagious human strain of the virus.

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