Monday, November 28, 2005

The Complete Mythen Holiday Experience

As I awake to a beautiful pink Vancouver sky, I began thinking of one of my favorite areas in Switzerland during the holidays in canton Schwyz. Maybe it is because you can do so much in such a little area. Really I have too many thoughts that could sway my answer so I'll just let you know why the area of Schwyz can be The complete experience.

The Mythen Center in Schwyz has incredibly shopable holiday hours. The translated version of their holiday hours are as follows : "Opening times of holidays - also before holidays myths the center Schwyz for you is always open to 20 and/or 21 o'clock." I knew them to be a bit more open from time to time but still 9pm on average is pretty nice.

What I love personally about the area is that you can potentially choose to go shopping early in the morning and still make it either skiing in the afternoon or to the thermal spa, then walk down on the water front of Lake Lucern and have an incredible dinner. Talk about a treat. I used to do this from time to time. The ski areas about 15 minutes away are Stoos and HandGruobi. Here's the Stoos Cam.

The top photo shows the Stoos as we view it from the house during the winter months. Expect just as great views from outdoors at the Swiss Holiday Park up the hill in Morshach. We used to go for a few hours to the adventure bath which costs about 22 CHF on weekends. The best time to go is about 6pm because everyone starts leaving for dinner.

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