Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dreaming of Chocolate

Ever since I moved to Switzerland, I've wanted chocolate on a weekly basis. Of course it's quite easy to find good tasting chocolate cheap at a local store. But the most incredible time to buy chocolate is during Christmas. I still remember my first box of Swiss chocolates that was given to me as a gift from a family friend in 2002. The taste was incredible and nothing like anything I had tasted before. The chocolatier was from a local shop near Vevey and looked something like the photo of this Harrods chocolate by Swiss Gysi.

This past year there has been a move in the US to make chocolates available all year long. In fact, many smaller chocolateries have been selling chocolates in style all year long. They offer different flavors that are touting just how good the coco beans really are. I'm anxious to see the market here in north america become more like the Swiss market for chocolate.

But there is one catch, they are touting a hefty price to go along with it. I like chocolate but not that much. So I guess I'll take my one or two samples as they come or just wait to go back to Switzerland to get the best tasting chocolates I desire. For now, I think I'd rather just dream of a marble chocolate roulette and think I can work it off on my next run.

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