Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Sweet Smell of Truffles

The first time I saw a white truffle was while I was living in Switzerland. When I first heard we were having some truffles, I was probably just like you thinking I was speaking about white chocolate. But the type of truffle I'm speaking of is typically found in the well known wine country of Barolo, near the area of Torino and found in such cities as Alba in Italy.

The lovely yellow house with the elegant blue shutters lured me in to finding out more about a place which reminds me so much of Switzerland. I'm speaking of an area 40 miles south Torino Italy where the winter Olympics will be held this year.

So what do the white truffles have to do with this beautiful villa? Everything. Quietly nestled in the town of Alba lies a dynasty. You won't see olive trees or be able to experience the Mediterranean, but you will be able to experience rolling hills filled with enormous oak trees lingering in the fog among many other cedar and poplar. These are the same hills which prize the wine of Barolo and a shaved seasoning of white truffles over pasta tossed in butter with your enticing meal.

Have I enticed you enough? Read on for more.

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