Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Swiss Keep Getting Richer

A new report on the 300 wealthiest Swiss put out by Bilanz is now on newstands. According to the survey published, the richest people living in Switzerland just keep getting richer. The ten richest people in Switzerland alone have a worth of 103 billion Francs.

If you are up for reading the German magazine, then you'll be able to find out about the top ten weathliest Swiss residents. I'm sure you can guess the #1 person. It's the Swede Ingvar Kamprad, owner of Ikea who lives in canton Vaud. Roche pharmaceutical group (famous producer of Tamiflu) family of Oeri and Hoffmann families (worth SFr15-16 billion) comes in 2nd. A joint 3rd was held by Ernesto Bertarelli, the Brenninkmeijer family, and the Latsis family (each worth SFr9.5 billion).

The noted person off the list as Mohammed Al-Fayed, the billionaire boss of British department store Harrods, no longer lives on the shores of Lake Geneva as he has taken up residence in Monaco. The Latis Family, made known famous for dating Paris Hilton, was a new edition to the list. Of Course Shania Twain and Michael Schumacher were on the list as well.

The most impressive part of all of it is that all of these Swiss have gotten SFr31 billion richer since the last survey, as a result of stocks being steady money makers and strong real estate holdings. It's always interesting to know who all these wealthy people are in Switzerland as you usually hear about them but never see them.

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