Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Travel Deals

I'm a big watcher of travel deals. I generally like to keep my eyes peeled and read about the travel deals around the world. At least I'm aware of new places and hope some day maybe I'll get to travel to some of those places they advertise on the travel agent windows with the big cut outs on appealing tropical destinations.

I guess I'm a real window shopper. Thanks TBF for pointing out a travel site you use too! Sadly my job really doesn't permit me to do much more than travel around greater Vancouver area. This summer we got to fly to California for 3 days. It's just not all too fun when your travels are so short. Even with our wedding in nearly 2 weeks, we will be staying around town. But I plan to make the most of the Christmas Vacation and hope to be skiing at least. As I know my job won't be forever, when I finally finish sometime next year, I'll finally have a bit more control of my holiday schedule. So I'll be holding out for those travel deals after all. :)

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