Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where in the World is Matt Lauer?

I usually catch a glimpse of the NBC Today Show in the mornings and when I heard Matt Lauer was off on another whirlwind trip, I was glued to the tv. I've got a fascination for traveling, but I'm sure nobody knew that one. What caught my eye was when they showed Matt's trip to Zermatt, Switzerland. He got to do something many tourists do with parachute skiing.

Now Matt is in Innsbruck, Austria. What boggles my mind is that Matt's trip all started in New York where he set off for his first destination. Matt traveled from the Easter Islands in the South Pacific, then to Panama and then straight to Innsbruck. I sit there and am boggled still by how far humans are able to travel in such a short amount of time.

Although I don't have a picture right on this computer, I still remember clearly one of the best trips I had taken from the highways of Switzerland into the area of Austria. Well we actually only got to Garmisch-Partenkirken, but that's just 30 minutes from Innsbruck and completely the same look.

There's just something about the entire area, the Swiss Alps included, that just draws you in. The look of the buildings, the different culture, and the great prices attract many Swiss tourists to the area. If you are living in Switzerland, and still have a chance to drive on your next ski vacation, I'd highly recommend either Garmisch or Innsbruck.

One of the highlights from the NBC show showed the Stubai Glacier, still known as the land of eternal ice. Possibly only 50 or 100 more years of this glacier will exist if the pollution and melt down continues.

Nearly 40 acres were wrapped in white blankets in order to keep the ice glacier from melting. But this just doesn't affect this certain glacier, it effects every glacier in the alps in the same way.

Needless to say, this addition of the show today left me glued. They showed everything from Matt high up on a cable to another woman trying out skeleton riding, which is a bit like the louge but even more daring. Back to reality here in rainy Vancouver, I'm just hoping make my morning run without a lot of rain.

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