Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Big Day

We're getting married today. Yes I can't believe it's happening to me.

Yesterday was a very hectic experience. I met P's dad for the first time. We went to Bloedel Gardens to stake everything out, kind of a pre-wedding thing. It's a super informal wedding so we aren't doing a re-hersal or anything of the sort.

As we were visiting P's dad, we totally forgot that we hadn't gotten the cake. So off we went to down town Vancouver in rush hour traffic. Luckily the cake was a zip to get and we were on our way home.

The way home consisted of a lots of traffic and me being completely mesmerized by the most incredible pink, baby blue and purple sky. Oh it was a treasure that I hope will last. The best picture I could paint in your minds is what a beautiful July night looks like while you are waiting for fireworks. Sum it up in one word - Breathtaking!

The night was late and dinner was very nice but rather long. We had a night cap at the bar with the single people altogether which as fun enough for us old farts. Heck - the Canucks won in a shoot out.

So these are the gardens where we are getting married. It's indoors so don't freak out. The colors are vibrant and full of many Christmas decorations and an abundance of beautiful poinsettias.

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