Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Not So True But Hilarious Swiss Facts

I was going through my stats and stumbled upon a website that gave some very untrue but hilarious facts about Switzerland.

I guess I do know a few things about Switzerland because I could have sworn all of these facts listed below are completely wrong.

I'm wondering if there was a loss in translation somewhere. But get ready for a few laughs and someone who really needs to study Switzerland better.

Some really "off" facts about Switzerland

1. "Switzerland is bordered by the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Slovakia."
Hmm - Last time I checked Switzerland bordered France, Germany, Italy and Austria.

2. "Switzerland joined the European Union in 1995 along with Sweden and Finland, and the Economic and Monetary Union in 1999." Hmm - last time I checked, Switzerland was the only country still not part of the EU. Although they are in talks to make this happen. I could have sworn the monetary unit is still a Swiss Franc.

3. "Switzerland lies at the heart of continental Europe, a beautiful and mountainous area with the Alps lying to the South and West." I wasn't aware the Alps were in the Western Part of Switzerland. Can you ski in Basel now and trek the Alps above Biel?

4. "The majority of Switzerlandns live in the warmer and more fertile climes of the North-East."You certainly don't mean Zurich do you? The last time I checked the weather in the North East, I almost ran into Liechtenstein or more towards Davos. Maybe I'm a bit off but anywhere East (ie Heidiland) is relatively cold and snowy all winter long. Ususally the Eastern area of Switzerland dips into the colder temps of -20 to -30 C daily.

5. "The stunning Alpine scenery ranges from the gently rolling hills of Muhlviertel to the 3,798 metre tall Grossglockner mountain." The last time I visited Austria I ran into the Muhlviertel. However, the last time I was in Switzerland, I thought the Jungfraujoch region of Switzerland was the tallest mountain range in Europe. Each of the famous Swiss mountains are "Eiger" (elevation 3970 m = 13025 ft), "Monch" (4099 m = 13448 ft) and "Jungfrau" (4158 m = 13642 ft). Maybe they shrunk since yesterday?

6. "Vienna in the North-East is the capital of Switzerland." Did they move the Swiss capital out of Switzerland without the world knowing it? Last time I checked the Bundeshaus was still flourishing in Bern.

So there are my sightly finds for the day. Really I can't believe someone could actually state these facts about Switzerland.

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