Thursday, December 29, 2005

Photo Happy in Comox

On December 26th, we set out that morning to the Comox Spit. The Spit, better known as Goose Spit is where the ocean and the island end. Upon arrival into Comox, I thought the marina must be the end of the little inlet we were staying on. Check out the link on Goose spit to see a good image of what I am really talking about. Indeed, the spit which was a few miles down the road was at the end.

Sitting Duck
Originally uploaded by thnkfst.

I ended up finding many great photo subjects like this lonely old boat. I have a few favorites of this shot but liked this one because of its reflection. Reflection or Blue sky, which would be your favorite? I really couldn't decide but opted for the reflection.

Just off to the side of this boat, the view was incredible. Really I couldn't decide what photos to upload but here is a great picture of this lonely boat both P and I would love to have ourselves one day.

The weather completely cooperated with us that morning and there was a crowd who came out to join all of the well wishers who wanted to photograph what insane things people do the day after Christmas.

I'll have to leave that for the next post. Any guesses???

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