Thursday, December 22, 2005

We're Off to Vancouver Island

Tomorrow morning we are off to Vancouver Island on one of the early morning ferries. No it doesn't make me happy that we are leaving at an insanely hour for no reason other than to assure we get our car on the ferry. So I'm off to try and do 50 loads of wash and pack whatever I might need for however many days I'll be away.

I'm looking forward to the trip since this is only my second time on Vancouver Island. It's been super hot here since yesterday. We had a high of 12 and yes it felt like you didn't even need a sweatshirt on or anything. Postmen were reported wearing shorts among the downpour of rain. Although it will keep raining the entire time, maybe something will change by Christmas day and we will see a white Christmas. For now, it's just looking to be warm and wet.
So This is the area where I will be at. We will be near the mountains near Mt. Washington.

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