Saturday, December 31, 2005

Where Will You Be For New Years

courtesy AP Photo - Aussie's already ring in their new year, it's not so good new years news for Londoners. Many people from London won't be all too happy on new years eve with a Tube Strike. Nicole in London reported yesterday she had to change her plans last minute as a result.

Some of my West Coast friends choose to go to Las Vegas while others travel to other cities to be with friends. I think it's a bit harder for me to get where I want to go (Europe when I'm in Vancouver).

But I know by far which new years was my favorite. It was ringing in 2004 New Years. I was in Switzerland in a small village near Zurich. The tradition there is to build a large bon fire from firewood gathered throughout the village 3 days before the event. The male villagers build the bon fire which must be at least 15 meters in height. The entire village climbs up the tiny hill overlooking the entire valley below. Soaked 100 kilo torches light the bon fire when new years strikes. The fire gets very hot and everyone gathers around and has a wonderful time popping champagne and chatting away.

Another funny report came out yesterday as a reporter in the UK called their snow storm "It feels just like the Artic". What you wouldn't know Mr. Reporter is that -2C is nothing like the Artic of Canada and You'd be wearing much more than just a thin rain jacket to keep you warmer. It got me rolling on the floor with all of this mans seriousness. I guess it doesn't get all too cold there in the UK after all.

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