Saturday, January 07, 2006

Cashing in on IKEA Savings or Not

Today we had a list of places to run in and out of at a fairly quick pace. First stop led us into IKEA's end of the year Christmas savings sale. Yes we caved into the pressure. I've always scratched my head and pondered long after I walk into IKEA why it is so popular.

Am I not getting it? Do I fail to see why people are so drawn to the poor quality, poor workmanship and great price of their products? Something still puzzles me though. Why would a poor soul buy furniture which might last a short while instead of saving up a bit longer to get quality furniture which could last forever. This was our discussion as P and I walked around the crowded IKEA warehouse empty handed.

Needless to say, we checked everything out, were so unpleased with IKEA that we walked across the street to check out real custom made sofas. I sat on one sofa that I could just melt in. Although these sofas were at least 3 times the cost of IKEA's, they looked as if you could use them for a long while. And you don't have to put the sofa together once you've bought it.

We decided against both stores but I think we have found a sofa we would like to buy from Costco. The main problem is that we are moving at the end of the month and we don't want the sofa to arrive until we are at our new place. We also didn't want to buy anything more until we move into our new place because you know how burdensome it is to have way too much stuff to move.

What we did accomplish was walking out of Costco with just two items and 4 passport photos for my permanent residency application. The man at the door told us how brave we were to have gone to Costco to just buy two items (olive oil and peanut butter). Little did he know we actually accomplished two other tasks at the same time. We also ended up eating lunch there because I was too starving to wait, and getting photos taken. It was a long meal because we met a friendly lady who was quite interesting to listen to about why Vancouver traffic is just getting too insane.

After that, we went into the not so crowded Superstore and bought enough for the weekend eats. Around 2pm, nobody seems to be around as they have all gone back home after the morning rush. While driving home, we got drenched in water. It's been 20 days of rain so far. I guess we can expect more tomorrow too.

In other news, it's only 5 more days until my big 30! P's aunt celebrated her bday today and a close friend will celebrate her 30th tomorrow.

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