Sunday, January 15, 2006

Is That Sun

Imagine what happens when there hasn't really been any sun for 28 straight days. Everyone that could possibly exist decides to enjoy the outdoors all at the same time!

So yesterday we had to get out too and enjoy a nice long walk. Although it wasn't warm, it did lack the downpour we have been getting all week long. The sun was certainly a very nice and welcomed change.

In some areas of North Vancouver, the sun was welcomed news as the evacuation ban was lifted with fear there could be another mudslide since the ground was getting very saturated. If you click on the first pic, you will find large amounts of people down walking their dogs. We were so amazed at how many people were out. I guess everyone wanted to enjoy the change in weather.

And the last photo is just how enjoyable the weather was outside with so many people out and walking about. This photo was taken from Kitsalano area. As a special treat near the turn around point of our walk, we saw two eagles that could have possibly found their nest for the spring. I did take photos of the Bald Eagles, but I'm debating uploading them because you have to see them at 100% size which is over 1.2 megs.

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