Monday, January 09, 2006

Isn't It Ironic

Last night I went to a birthday dinner. The birthday party wasn't for me but for a friend of the family. It was ironic that I have known this person for over a year and just today figured out it was her birthday. It was also ironic that one of my long time friends of 21 years turned 30 yesterday, thus the two of them having the same birthday.

A great aunt of mine also had the birth date of January 8th. I remember my mom telling me how excited my great aunt was when she learned I could be born on her birthday. I did have a privilege to meet that great aunt on her 100th birthday of all things. As well, another friend celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday too. I guess January birthday's are popular with whom I know. I guess it's a bit ironic.

What was even better about going out last night is that we had so much lovely food left over that I'll have enough left over mixed salad and lasagna not to make dinner tonight. (And I might add the lasagna was made by a professional chef.) How cool is that?

As we were getting ready to leave, a man that I was speaking to for the last hour, told me his birthday was this Thursday. Thursday? I quickly put two and two together and exclaimed, "Wow - I guess you must be born on January 12th too!" He was a bit shocked that someone next to him had a January 12th birth date. Ironically, I also had a roommate back in 2000 who had the same birthday as me. So I'm up to 2 other people that I've met in my lifetime with the same birth date as me.

And since I'm on a birthday kick - I found this website that tells you who's birthday is on your birthday also. Kirstie Alley and Howard Stern round off the list for me, of course both are in a different age bracket. I'll be sure to list my favorite hunk of the day on Thursday too. No it's not someone listed or linked here.

Ironically it's the 21st full day of rain. Today it's really pouring down like "cats and dogs". I just hope it lets up a little so I don't mind walking outside.

I do have one question for you guys though. Should I be happy about turning 30? It will be just another day for me this year as work calls for me until the wee hours.

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