Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Perfect Partner

So just another meme thanks to my good friend Green Haddock.

So here goes.........My Perfect Partner should

1 be my best friend. (Why have a relationship if you can't confide in one another, after all you are with your best friend every day.)
2 be intelligent, witty and amusing. (I definitely need to be with someone who makes me laugh.)
3 be someone who loves me for me, thinks I'm sexy and all that.
4 be motivating and caring.
5 love children and be a good parent.
6 loves the outdoors and doing activities.
7 love traveling.
8 be clean, neat and expect the same from me.
9 loves to explore good food and wine.
10 has some high goals which we can achieve together.

Incidently, I am married to my total hunk and perfect partner.

As for tagging other people, if you want to do this meme go for it. Otherwise I hope that you enjoyed what I have written. :)

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