Monday, January 30, 2006

Too Much On My Mind

I think a list of everything going on this week is in order.

1. We are moving tomorrow! Yes finally..
2. Housing Index highest Still.
3. I've got too much laundry to handle.
4. Yes It's Still Raining in Vancouver.
5. The Rodents aren't letting me sleep.
6. Working on having patience.

If that isn't enough, I'm still behind on my work and need to get back on my workout schedule. So between all that rain and being woken up most of the night, I'm tired and need to get going. I've also found out that I've almost run into a fellow blogger (in Switzerland) without even realizing it. You know that six degrees of separation theory. I've always had an ironic way of meeting people, so it fits.

** I almost forgot - It's fellow Blogger Gretchen's Birthday today. She spent a great weekend with her hubby skiing.

:) But don't worry, I'm not in a bad mood. But a little sunshine is in order here.

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