Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dreaming Away

During the last two weeks we've seen basically nothing but sun in Vancouver. Believe me I'm not complaining coming from someone who grew up on the West Coast with sun practically all year, but the last month of rain certainly put a damper on everyone's spirits. I was really looking forward to the minutes just after the sunset over the weekend to brush up on some photography.

We didn't exactly wait around that long at the windy waterfront, but I think you'd agree the view was still quite nice. It was clear enough here in Vancouver yesterday to even see Mt. Baker from Ambleside Park. I'm not sure I've ever seen Mt. Baker from there before so seeing the mountain was certainly a real treat. Yes I did take a pic of that too, but didn't include it here.

And since I've been on a roll with a few good jokes this week, I thought why not end it with another good one, this time it's more tailored to those German or Swiss Expats.

The commandant of a prisoner of war camp with tens of thousands of smelly, unwashed allied prisoners has his bully boys muster the prisoners for an "important announcement". Using a bull-horn from atop a watch-tower, he announces (and say this with a German accent as it sounds more authentic):

"I haf some gut news and some bad news. First, I vill geve you zee gut news: You vill all haf a change of undervear!!"

A huge rush of excitement, dogs growl, a few warning shots are fired. "Now zee bad news: You vill change eet vith the fellow beside you!"

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