Thursday, February 09, 2006

Figuring Out That Guy

Does it really make you feel at home? Well maybe so according to the pizza delivery guy. P served himself up his first medium thin sliced pizza in our new apartment yesterday. He hates cooking for one and when I don't eat with him during the week, he seems to find quick eats since I'm not around.

So Panago is that pizza that is as close to thin crust and good tasting pizza you get in Canada. So here's the punch line. As P was paying for the pizza, the delivery makes some conversation like.

Delivery guy: " You must have just moved in."
P: "Yes, I guess so".
Delivery guy: "Yeah I've been here several dozen times."
P: "Oh"
Delivery guy: "There's usually nothing in the kitchen area that's why I knew."
P: "Very Interesting, he lived here about 8 years."
Delivery guy: "Sounds about right."
P:"alright, have a good one."

Apparently the guy who lived in our place before us must have really loved Panago. He had been here for 8 years and the delivery guy sort of knew this too! The guy never cooked and we figured that out too when we saw the stove. Funny how you can figure out the people who lived in the apartment before you through a few simple "important" delivery guys.

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