Monday, February 13, 2006

Homosexual Flamingos Rear Children

Hold onto your seat, here's one story you won't find all too often.

Gay flamingos are both family men

....."The pair have reared three generations of adopted flamingos, by making off with the freshly laid eggs of their heterosexual neighbours...."

The only time I can remember actually seeing flamingos close up was at the Basel Zoo. The few times I gazed at the flamingos while in Switzerland, I never would have thought flamingos would be so human like. Human like enough for a pair of male flamingos rearing children. You'd think such a story came out of a soap opera line about a gay couple who raises children successfully.

But Flamingos? In fact, Carlos and Fernando are so good at what they do, they've even astonished their zoo keepers who say this is a rare occurrance. I guess homosexuality actually does exist in the animal world, which like most humans want to also raise their own offspring. You never know when you might learn something new every day....

Full story.

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