Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Photo Tour

I've been enjoying the Olympics all morning but I thought I should do a bit of a photo tour from some of my pics I took during this time of the year in Switzerland. We are in store for an artic cold front, so I figured I'd stick with that theme. Artic front = sunny and cold

This first particular photo (taken on 2/13/03) is from my favorite look out point in Montreux overlooking one of the local castles. We used to come up here practically every sunny day and enjoy the entire view of Lac Leman. This is what it looks like in February at the vineyards, nothing really going on at all with a sprinkle of snow. If you had binocular eyes you could see almost as far as Lausanne from here.

This was the wine we enjoyed last night. Does anyone know one big difference on a Swiss Wine Label compared to a Canadian Wine Label in terms of measuring amounts? Answer - I'll leave it in the comments.

I could also have done a photo tour of the Sexy Women Curlers or Sports Illustrated Calendar, but I figured that more up P's alley...

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