Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Switzerland and Canada

CS asked me yesterday if I saw any similarities between Switzerland and Canada so I decided to make it into a blog entry.

What do I see that is the same here in Canada?

So basically I made a quick list of what I saw to be the same. Maybe all of you can help me out and add something else if you've been to Canada or Switzerland.

1. People are very worldly/well traveled.
2. We both like Fondue and Swiss Chocolate.
3. We both have Mountains such as the Rockies in Canada and the Alps in Switzerland.
4. We both LOVE Coffee, but there isn't a Starbucks on every corner in Switzerland.
5. You can find good coffee in Canada, but you just have to look a bit harder.
6. Both Countries Lush Forests and cherish trees.
7. Both have International Companies.
8. It takes forever to get over the mountains.
9. Canada and Switzerland both have many lakes.
10. Both Swiss and Canadians love hockey and football or soccer known to most in North America.

Fast Facts:
The Swiss were an important part of opening up the Canadian Rockies to tourism. Swiss mountaineers acted as guides in the year 1899 when the Canadian Pacific Railway was brought into the Banff National Park. There is a monument to these guides near Lake Louise, Alberta.

The name "Switzerland" comes from Schwyz, one of the three cantons (known as provinces in Canada) that originally formed the Swiss Confederation. The country is also known as Helvetica, because the original inhabitants were called Helvetians.

** P took the above photo while we were in Switzerland this past August. I believe we were near Aarau in canton Argovia.

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