Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tackling The Time Change

Over the weekend we had a very windy and rainy storm come into Vancouer Mainland. I guess it passed across most of Canada too. The storm was big enough to close all departures from the Tsawwassen fairy system and cause pretty major storm surge flooding.

But the highlight was this morning when I woke up to snow covered trees at the top of Grouse Mountain. It's been a rare site lately as most of you know that's all Vancouverites have been talking about lately. When there's sunlight, you always want to savor it. And that is exactly what many of the provinces are going to be doing, along with some of the US.

It looks like B.C. is one of the provinces yet to decide on this daylight saving change. But they are looking to follow four other provinces in extending the daylight hours. Just this week, Alberta announced it will increase daylight time by four weeks, starting in 2007. Clocks will be set ahead on the second Sunday in March that year, rather than on the first Sunday in April, which is the current practice. Standard time won't change until the first Sunday in November, which is one week later than Alberta currently does now. Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec have also decided to make the change.

The reason for these changes are because of the US's announcement last July to extend daylight time to help conserve energy. I'm all for the change because it will be better for all of us, including being a bit safer. The major reason why most provinces would change is to retain consistency with everyone else in North America.

Now I'm curious to know if Europe will follow suit. Has anyone heard anything yet?

** Photo was taken this morning of our Grouse Mountain View.

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