Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Catching up

Is it just me or did anyone else remember it was a new month. Wow February went really fast! Fast enough to get one 7th grader thinking yesterday was the 29th.

I've found a couple of really cool stories and links so I thought I'd do a bit of catching up today.

1. First off, if you'd like to see a Brits story on how he was accepted into Fasnacht, you can check it out on his blog. It's really interesting and insightful on all of the work that goes into the few days of celebration every year. He'll probably have something to say during the Basel Fasnacht too!

Here's the URL just in case (

2. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to see the face behind Elmo, which was incredibly interesting. I guess if anyone wants to know more info I can leave that upon request in the comments.

3. New procedures are going to be taken to combat crosswalk injuries in the Swiss zebra crossings. If you are a driver, this is a good article to read because new fines are going to be introduced which could effect you.

I'm sure most everyone is in the same boat that they have been extremely busy and are trying to catch up on blogging and reading. I'm finally catching up too! And still dreaming about having those yummy pancakes!

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