Monday, March 06, 2006

Odd Occurrences

Yesterday was just an odd day. We woke up in the morning without any hot water. What did that mean? No heat either since it's controlled through the water. It wouldn't have been all too bad but there was a bit of a storm brewing up and the wind was blowing. Our living room has 20 foot ceilings and with the sky light, a bit of air slips into our place. It doesn't make for much fun when you naturally get cold hands after you eat. So we bundled up and watched P's favorite past time, curling of course.

Luckily they did get the boiler running for a while so off I dashed to get whatever warm water I could. P did the same and then we were off for a tour outside. Little did we know that when we returned that the heat would be gone. It resulted in not being able to wash clothes and washing dishes the old fashioned way, to oddly heat up water from the stove to wash dishes.

Speaking of Odd occurrences, the Swiss seem to think public dog services should be part of a dog owners normal routine, well at least in Zurich. Now Swiss pets are also expected to be squeaky clean in appearance too. Of course, this dog shower isn't for everyone. Does it fit your dogs standards?

And to make sure any other odd occurrences don't occur, just make sure you don't walk behind a Bern Bus when it's running. You might get caught in the fumes of the new sewage gas they will be using to run buses.

Seventy-three Swiss farms produce biogas from rotting compost, and they are also looking to maximize their incomes by adding food leftovers to their bioreactors.

Maybe we will see more of this around throughout the world in years to come. But it won't be anytime soon according to this report.

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