Monday, April 24, 2006

Nature and Paradise

Our weekend was full of blue skies, lots of warm sunshine and very few puffy white clouds. We ended up taking a few great shots from our many walks and hikes. The weekend was predominately spent outdoors which was just a welcomed change for P and I.

Saturday morning P took some wonderful snaps of our local mountains and stiched them together to make beautiful panoramas. I'm hoping he'll post a few of them soon!

Our first hike was a stop at the Salmon fisheries and Cleveland Dam in North Vancouver. The area is just below the entrance to Grouse Mountain and provides a vast resource of fresh drinking water to the North Shore.

lower dam at salmon fishery

The road can be easily accessed from Capilano Road which leads to the free parking lot to the salmon fisheries. Entrance is free and well worth taking in the beauty of the area. Here's a look at the salmon fishery which hosts thousands of different types of salmon until they are larger and then let go (as I understood it).

Salmon swimming

Our next stop was to go up and see the water sources and the Cleveland Dam. It was a 700m climb to the top. And the view as certainly worth it. This is the source of drinking water for many people on the North Shore. In the background you can see the famous Lions still full with snow.

view from Cleveland Dam of the Lions

Now it was time for the best part as we walked about 100 meters down the road into a view overlooking the Dam. I felt a bit like James Bond in Switzerland and managed to get a few shots despite my somewhat fear of taking pics from this vantage point.

A good 200 meter drop sets the camera and I from the bottom

Talk about one hard shot to get. I didn't really bother to take pics of our second hike to light house park but it was serene and peaceful at that. All in all, it was a great weekend of long walks and a weekend full of sun instead of that normal Vancouver rain.

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