Monday, May 22, 2006

Sea To Sky Trip

Yesterday we took an adventure starting close to the ocean and ending up in nature in the area of Squamish. This was my first trek this far north from Vancouver. Yes I've been here a while but it's hard to get anywhere when you really don't have a mode of transportation to take you outside of the city. It's not like Europe where you can just jump on the next train and get to your destination.

The landscape reminded me of a cross between Interlaken overlooking the two lakes and the mountain side and the Lake of Lucern overlooking the high mountain peeks still filled with snow capped mountains.

Our first stop was at Lake Alice where we could consider returning to go camping. Actually that's a lie, we stopped at my first fast food treat of the year at A&W. I didn't have anything resembling a burger and fries though! The weather up in Squamish was cloudy but at least it wasn't raining. Our first worry was how the break lights in the car weren't working. But luckily we fixed that problem. We walked around the small lake in about 20 minutes and took a few pics of the area. See yesterday's pit stop too.

After that, I tried to take a few photos while in the passenger seat. A few actually did turn out. Of course, I think everyone knows how hard it can be getting a good photo while driving.

Next we stopped off at the Shannon Falls. The size of the attraction was a bit like Trummelbach Falls in Interlaken, but not nearly as in your face and colorful. The falls were impressive, quite large and free except for parking. You can size up my pics off the website.

Our last stop was at Porteau Cove which is another possible camping spot. We really want to get in some camping in the near future but have been hesitant mostly because all of my gear is in California. It's a lot harder to camp via osmosis, unless you've really got some hidden talents (I certainly don't).

I think the best part of our trip was making it home minutes before it started to pour down rain. They definitely saved the rainy weather for us once we were dry and indoors.

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