Friday, May 19, 2006

Thank Goodness It's Friday

I don't hear that saying much often anymore. Perhaps it's because I don't work an average job. We approaching a long holiday weekend. I'm happy for that but I wish we were traveling somewhere. We will of course just be sticking around but I'm sure we will get out to enjoy the outdoors even if the weather isn't the best it could be. I think you get my drift on the forecast.

Not much else to say here. But I'll leave you with a fun Friday's Feast.

What is the last thing you had to have repaired?
4 pairs of P's jeans.

If someone gave you $2,000 with the stipulation that you had to spend half of it on yourself and give the rest to charity, where would you spend the $1,000 and which charity would receive your remaining $1,000?

The $1000 would go a few places and I'm not even sure if any of it would be used for clothes. For the charity, definitely for kids in Africa.

What is one of your favorite songs from the 1980s?
I love a lot of 80's songs. Just can't pin down one, and naming it would be a chore too!
Something with 80's dance I'd say...

Main Course
You enter a pet store. Which section do you go to first?
Dog groomer room. It's the only reason why I go into a pet store.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how athletic are you?

Probably a 9. I love sports and outdoors. I can usually play any sport right off the bat. Now I just have to keep practicing since it's been a while for a few of the sports. Us big kids don't play as much as we need to!

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