Monday, July 31, 2006

Bloggers Meet in Vancouver

On Friday evening, the lovely Christina invited P and I over to join them in a bbq dinner out on their lovely patio. Since Christina is visiting her family in Vancouver, we could easily meet up since we are only 15 minutes away. Hurray, finally someone comes to Vancouver!

This was actually our second meet up of bloggers. We met TimTom last year in Switzerland while visiting Lausanne. The evening was one of the first evenings of cool summer weather. It was cool enough that all of us were wearing sweaters by the end of the evening.

The meet up was a very relaxing with lots of chatting and very few pictures taken, almost none. We chatted and chatted about traveling and got to know each other much more. I'm sure I'm still kicking myself for not jumping up and taking the photo for the highlight of the bbq "eats", which was the incredible fruit cheesecake which Christina made herself. Holy cow was it Incredible! P is still talking about it but of course that is his absolute favorite dessert. Christina is definitely the queen of desserts!

The boys being camera shy volunteered to take our mug shots for us.

And stay tuned for a special photo post soon!

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