Thursday, July 06, 2006

Vacation Guest Bloggers *Amended

Most of you know I'm finally getting out of Vancouver for a few days with P for a short vacation. We leave on Sunday and will return some time on Friday. So I just had a funny thought, since so many others do it. I know I won't be blogging as we probably won't have internet access.

If someone would like to act as a guest blogger while I'm gone, I'm all up for that. Just nothing too outrageous please, but more for comic relief would be wonderful. I'd love to come back to a few surprises and many laughs.

Send me a comment or email thnkfst16 from and I'll set you up as a team member.

** Per Request of TBF I'm posting a few pics of P and I ** Since we never do that, I'll try posting more pics of us from time to time also. We don't take many pics and well self portraits of me holding the cam just get old. There's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

And last but not least, actual proof that I'm not a sinker.

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