Sunday, September 24, 2006

Shopping in Canada

Well the media has finally caught on to the concept which I have been noticing for over a year now. Here in Canada, the USD conversion is worth 1.1 Canadian. That's not all too much of a difference when you look at it. But there is a big difference when you look at how much something costs in Canada compared to the same item in the US.

(As a side note: Just for all those Swiss and Euro users, the current conversion is .78 Euro to the USD, and 1.23 CHF for the USD. If we are looking at Canada - it's 1.43 EU for $1 CAD, and 1CHF is .90CAD. )

Now most people know the store GAP. A pair of Gap jeans in CAD is $79.95. In the US, that same pair of Gap jeans are just $59.95. I'm no mathematician but if we take that conversion factor, $80 CAD should be about $71 for a pair Gap Jeans in the US. In fact, they are something like 25% higher in price. It just doesn't work out.

Other items which carry this same awful conversion are magazines, books and CARS!!! The conversions just don't correlate anymore. So I do hope many Canadian shoppers head down to the US to do their shopping until this conversion nightmare gets adjusted. It's enough paying full price on an item, but 25% more for the same thing???

I just hope change is in the near future. And change for my immigration papers too...

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  1. Hi, thanks for your post. It is very informative on how to compare prices in Canada to other countries. The value of each once money. Anyway thanks for sharing.