Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Photo Class Update

Last night was another photo class for me. Although during the entire ride home and my quick departure to class, I was wishing I had skipped class to photograph the most perfect autumn colors of the evening. I was in heaven but sad I was going indoors and missing it. Ginnie and Christina certainly know what I am talking about.

Of course I wasn't going to miss my class and it was very interesting indeed. We touched upon one great tip the entire class which consisted mostly of checking out photos from fellow classmates. Their photos were outstanding by the way! I'd rate mine lower than theirs.

So what makes a good photo? The Rule of Thirds. Here's an example

Lakeside Beauty

This photo shows a lot of foreground before you get to the lake. Your eye is drawn to everything around. When taking a landscape photo get as much in the photo as you can. Having a wide angle lense certainly helps. But this photo was taken with my tiny camera and not some professional one, so anyone can do this. I hope this is one tip everyone will follow.

We then proceeded to look at the work of Ansel Adams, which really helped me figure out what makes an interesting photo.

Check out these examples:

Stream, Sea, Clouds, Rodeo Beach (you can buy the original for only $16K!)
Tetons and Snake River
Mono Lake

There was also another famous church which was set on a flat road but happened to look like it was on a hill, almost 3 dimensional...

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