Friday, December 15, 2006

Packed With a Punch

Wow - Punch doesn't exactly describe the near hurricane force winds that came in during the 3am hour this morning all over BC last night. I was woken up suddenly around 3:49am with some wind that sounded like it pounded our place. I'm sure this wind was well over 100km per hour minimum. The winds were so strong that our entire place was shaking. P even told me it happened while he was in the washroom!

What's not so nice is that I have to make it towards the other side of town, across a bridge which is closed and out towards an area with power outages. So really I do hope things will be okay..

This storm has been large enough for the local news to dedicate the news to it as well as crews working last night prepared for calls coming with downed trees. I must say the news we don't need is that there is already freezing rain and snow expected by tonight.

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