Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Welcome to 1980 Canada

Recently Vancouver has caught up to the 1980's when it comes to signals. I've finally seen more and more street signals/lights here in the Vancouver area finally switch over to technology that I was used to seeing way back in the 198o's in California. Maybe this coincidence only has to do with the fact that California's population is quite large compared to the province of BC.

When I came to Vancouver for the first time, I was really puzzled by the blinking green lights. All they really tell you is that you have the right of way or something close to that. I think pedestrians walk in the cross walks only during flashing green lights too (not that many people can follow this rule since most cross walks don't even work properly.)

But I was still left with one puzzling question, why don't they have left turn right of ways???? It's technology of the 80's in my mind, something every busy city needs. But not Vancouver, we like to make you drive through a crash course to get home.

So lately, I've seen more left turn signals actually give cars the right of way to turn left. Imagine that, actually not having to turn left once the light has changed back to red and you are still left in the intersection to maneuver your way through the traffic.

Really, I am so puzzled by this here in Canada. What really gets me is that this technology was changed back in the early 1980's where I am from.... So I say welcome back Canada. I'm glad you're now catching up to the 1980's in technology. What will be next?

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