Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Starting 2007 Off Right

I've started 2007 off with a morning swim. Yes myself and about 40 or more other swimmers jumped into the local indoor pool for a beating. Really it is just that because there are just too many people to do more than just swim a bunch of laps. For me it was a chance to meet everyone I didn't know because I don't swim with these people, who mostly swim in the mornings.

After that, I came back home, did a lot of cleaning up on my computer and listened to the pouring rain. Unfortunately that pouring rain hasn't let up yet! I don't like the pouring rain because it's not fun to walk in either. I sure hope this will be a bit of a change compared to last years January. As my memory serves me, it was a really rainy month which equals not too many chances to photograph.

Now I just need to work a lot more on my photos, especially sharing them with you...

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