Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Roger Waters In Concert

ET: Today I was fortunate enough to get 6 seats for the Roger Waters concert coming to Vancouver at GM Place in June. I'm totally a fan of Pink Floyd and really grew up with this type of music. However, I think I should let P tell you more about the man himself. Yes P can absolutely talk his ear off about Roger Waters.

P:Well, first of all, I was very happy to finally get tickets to go see Waters. ET was so nice when I phoned her from work and asked her to get four more after she initially purchased two for us. The extra tickets were for some co-workers.

The scene was quite funny actually. At precisely 10am, when the tickets went on sale, myself and two other co-workers were standing around in the hallway at work, desperately trying to get ticketmaster on our cellphones (I had forgotten ET was going to try too from home) but it was always busy. We'd look at each other anxiously, hoping someone would get through; to no avail. We had made a pact that whoever got through first would get tickets for the rest. As it turns out, ET solved everything!

Anywhooo, to get back to what ET was saying... I've always been a great fan of Pink Floyd, but I've especially been drawn to Rogers lyrical abilities. As far as I'm concerned, he's probably the best lyricist in the entire history of rock'n'roll. Now, I don't want to bore you with a long "why that rock star is so awesome" explanation. So I'll simply leave you with a small example of why I'm willing to pay $120 to go see him. True Floyd fans surely know this one:

The Gunner's Dream (Waters)

Floating down through the clouds
Memories come rushing up to meet me now.
In the space between the heavens
and in the corner of some foreign field
I had a dream.
I had a dream.
Good-bye Max.
Good-bye Ma.
After the service when you're walking slowly to the car
And the silver in her hair shines in the cold November air
You hear the tolling bell
And touch the silk in your lapel
And as the tear drops rise to meet the comfort of the band
You take her frail hand
And hold on to the dream.
A place to stay
"Oi! A real one ..."
Enough to eat
Somewhere old heroes shuffle safely down the street
Where you can speak out loud
About your doubts and fears
And what's more no-one ever disappears
You never hear their standard issue kicking in your door.
You can relax on both sides of the tracks
And maniacs don't blow holes in bandsmen by remote control
And everyone has recourse to the law
And no-one kills the children anymore.
And no one kills the children anymore.

Night after night
Going round and round my brain
His dream is driving me insane.
In the corner of some foreign field
The gunner sleeps tonight.
What's done is done.
We cannot just write off his final scene.
Take heed of his dream.
Take heed.

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